Tired Mama.

Someone decided to wake up every hour to eat.  And it wasn’t me.  I obviously googled why he did that because random web searches are totally the most reliable source of information. But apparently at about 3 months of age babies go through some growth spurt/developmental change.  And that we did. This sir was a hungry baby for a good 24 hours straight.


He has always been a great sleeper so getting up this much at night has left me a complete zombie. Hopefully he doesn’t make this a new normal.

I was so so thirsty though. I must have refilled this water bottle 6 times. Making milk is hard work. I love these PJ pants by the way. I forget where I got them exactly but you can find a similar pair on Groupon now!

I ate all the carbs today. We have no food in the house since we leave for vacay soon so it was bread + cheese or bread + PB for meals.

I rounded out my night with a nice bowl of ice cream because it was a DAY today. Well actually if I’m being honest I have ice cream every night… because summer dayzzz.

Hope your day was amazing!

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