Holy Workout Batman.

not my dad’s gym…just my usual workout bud 🙂

I went to my Dad’s gym for a workout.  He goes here.  I have gone with him before and I know the workouts are a killer.  This was probably my first intense workout in almost a year since I got pregnant close to this time last year.


I was out of breath after the stretching.  AFTER THE STRETCHING.  Then we did a 20 minute circuit.

12 goblet squats
30 second bike sprint.
1 minute plank.
12 push ups.
12 “T, Y, I” on the TRX band.

We did as many rounds as we could in the 20 minutes.

And after that we did 8 rounds/30 seconds each of medicine ball slams making sure we did 3 points of extension (going on tip toes, extend knees, and extend hips).

Apparently being pregnant and giving birth has caused some major muscle atrophy.  Who knew…  But it sure felt good to sweat like that again.  I love running and always will but incorporating some circuits like this are a good change-up.  I miss going to a gym.  It is just not the same motivation when you are by yourself.

After showering and refueling, Kade and I went to the local park near our house to enjoy the beautiful day.


We relaxed on the grass and I brought a book that I never cracked open because he just being too cute.  So we just played.


He is totally my husband’s twin… maybe mama’s looks will shine through in the future??

Hope everyone had a fantastic day!!

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