First run by myself in…a year?

No baby in the belly.  No baby in the stroller.  No dog by my side.  Just me and the road.  And it was glorious.  It forgot how mind clearing it can be when you run by yourself.


I run in HOKA shoes.  I found them while I was training for the NYC Marathon back in 2015.  They are a little bulky but the cushioning is nice.  I grew up running in Asics and will always love their fit as well.  I also ran for a bit in Brooks and those are great too.  But for now Hoka it is.


I ran for about 20 minutes at a 9 minute pace.  I swear my child can tell when I leave the house and without fail is crying when I get home. So I am keeping my runs short for the time being.


I re-fueled with a protein smoothie.  In the mix: banana, protein powder , milk, 3 ice cubes.  This is my favorite protein powder since it doesn’t have that “protein powder taste” and it mixes very well in smoothies.


This little bub is 12 weeks!  He is always smiling and is quite a content child.  He is making motherhood enjoyable!  I could have 5 children if they are all this good.  🙂

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