Saturday Adventures in New Hope, P.A.

We haven’t gone out on many day long outings with this new babe.  I think just because the thought of being out and about while him wanting to nurse every 3 hours sounded exhausting and anxiety provoking if I’m being honest.  But we were in the mood for a fun day so off we went!

Walking across the bridge that connects New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ

We went to New Hope, PA where we met up with some of our friends who live in the area.  It was quite busy with weekend tourists but we didn’t wait long for a table at lunch.  We went to The Landing which was a restaurant on the river.  I had an un-pictured strawberry salad with grilled chicken.  Expensive, but quite delicious.  I missed blue cheese so much while pregnant and the salad was blue cheese to the face!  Hubs had fish tacos that he said were only okay.  They seemed a little understaffed at the lunchtime hour but the atmosphere and location was great!


We drove around New Hope for a bit since it was HOT and baby needed some air conditioning.  There are such beautiful houses in the area.  Apparently Elton John has or had a house around here along with many CEOs of major companies.


The town had the cutest shops and so many restaurants with outdoor seating which my husband and I loved.  There is just something about eating and drinking in the fresh air!


I was obsessed with this one store named The Catwalk.  I could have spent hours in there 1.  For the air conditioning and 2. So many cute things!  I walked away with some cute cheese plates and also a beer carrier which I thought would be a cool gift for someone.

All in all it was a great day!  K nursed like a champ and it wasn’t too hard to fit in nursing sessions while being out all day.  I’m sure I flashed someone a little boob in a bar but hey, I’m sure it wasn’t the first time that happened there 🙂


We will for sure go back here.  There were a lot of bed and breakfast spots scattered throughout the town that we want to come back and stay in for a weekend away.


This day made us feel like we can take on more day trips with baby in tow.  Successful Saturday!


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