Celebrating America.

At least one of us was in festive clothing this week.  I thought this 6 month size onesie would be huge… but I could hardly get this big belly in it!  He is growing like a weed and is in the 97% percentile for height.  He is the happiest little babe and has helped this new mom thing to be dare I say easy?  Let see if that comes back to bite me.

Our first (dog) baby was a disaster this week with the fireworks. Now that they are legal in NJ I swear we have heard them every night for the last week.  This poor dog just sat in our closet until we let her come in bed with us.  She scooted in, obviously right in the middle.img_1473-1

Wine-ding down the week.

Noble Vines.
The One.
Red Blend.

Very good!  About 12 bucks.  Was pretty full bodied for a red blend.  Enjoyable even on a summer night!

Grade: A-img_1479

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